Please record the time you volunteer for the school.  You can record them as you work them or at least once a month.  This includes committee meetings, PTO meetings, being a parent reader in a classroom, volunteering at our events, etc. on-campus and off-campus.

When you check in as a volunteer at the school, your badge should say "volunteer". If it does, your time SHOULD automatically be entered into the system for you.  If, however, your badge says "visitor", then you will have to manually record your time into the system.  When you're done with your volunteer shift, if possible, please return your badge to the front office as that will allow for you to be checked out of the system.

Hours volunteered and the number of volunteers we have are submitted to the District. This allows Pope the opportunity to be considered for special projects through the District and be eligible to receive grants.


Create a Volunteer Profile & Log Volunteer Hours:

To volunteer at the school, we ask that you create a CFISD Volunteer profile which you can do through the Volunteer Portal. Please create your profile with the SAME name as appears on the photo ID you'll be using to check-in; otherwise, the names will not match when your ID is scanned at the school. Once you have created a Volunteer Portal Account, you may track and log your hours on the Raptor System.  If you have any problems creating a Volunteer account or logging in hours, please contact Brittany Gutierrez at 281-894-3949.  


PLEASE REMEMBER: If you are volunteering at the school, please take care to stay in your "designated area" (i.e. please DO NOT visit classrooms, unless necessary, or stand in the hallways and observe). If you would like to visit your child’s classroom, have lunch with your child, meet with their teacher, or visit any other area of the building for purposes other than volunteering, then please check back in with the front office and obtain a separate visitor sticker to do so.

As a side note, VIPS (Volunteers in Public School) hosts "Lunch & Learn" sessions periodically throughout the school year. For more information, or if you're interested in attending, please visit the CFISD Volunteer Portal.


Thank you for your gift of time and Panther Pride!!